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Music to your years (11 April 2011)
5 out of 5  by: Deirdre

The McCullough Pigott Music Shop is the oldest music shop in Ireland. McCullogh Pigott also supplies all you need for a range of instruments including clarinet, flute, guitar, piano and drums, harmonica and an instructional DVD on guitar chords. etc.

When I was in there recently a young man was playing the piano, it was lovely.

Its a big store with lots of room to look around. and the staff are really friendly and helpful and you can try some of the instruments on show.

They also have a large range of sheet music.

Deirdre would recommend. Deirdre would use again.


All You Could Want and More

 5 of 5    by The Candlebridge News

I began playing piano as a child when I was ten years old and the first piano book I was told to get was JOHN THOMPSON's beginners piano. Without a second thought, my mother took me into town to McCullough Piggots and we got the book but not before my eyes lit up at all the beautiful shiny black grand pianos and thinking "I'm going to have one of those someday"

I couldn't wait to learn to play the piano because the shop had so many books to choose from and now they have one of the most extensive stocklists in Europe. From books on how to play the harmonica to the oboe to the beautiful shiny range of gorgeous new and second hand instruments to meet everyone's budget, it is a musicians private little paradise.

I would imagine that the shop is rarely empty as they are so nice to folk who want to try out the various instruments and the sales assistants are not pushy, they're knowledgeable in music so they allow you to browse freely.

I still play the piano but now I also play tin whistle and for my birthday I asked or a professional Tony Dixon tin whistle and it cost over 100 euros at the time but my goodness it was soooooo worth it. Everyone has their particular favourite and an instrument like music is so personal that it's important to have time to browse and that is what I find is wonderful about McCullough Piggots!

Great range of instruments, books, bells and whistles and advice on where to get a teacher if you haven't found one already!

The_Candlebridge_News would recommend. The_Candlebridge_News would use again.



Possibly the best music shop in town

5 out of 5   by dub girl

This shop is always the first I try if I'm after something specific as they have such a huge range and the shelves are always well stocked. I find the staff friendly - always ready to help if needed - but tend to keep themselves to themselves which is great as I often just go in for a browse.

 I always walk out buying more than what I had gone in for.

They normally have a sale section as well thats always worth a rifle through as it often turns up some bargains!!

Highly recommend this shop to anyone wanting to know the best music shop in town!

dub girl would recommend. dub girl would use again.



Great Range

4 of 5 by Sue 


Sorry to say I didnt realise the range of products this shop carries when I went there for a gift for a client a while ago. Hadnt a clue what I needed and what was appropriate and they were so helpful. As it happened they knew him and were able to advise even better. Like roxanne I wish I was more into music too because they were so good!

Sue would recommend. Sue would use again.



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