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The bouzouki (plural sometimes transliterated as bouzoukia) is the mainstay of modern Greek music.

It is a stringed instrument with a pear-shaped body and a very long neck. The bouzouki is a member of the 'long neck lute' family and is similar to a mandolin.

The front of the body is flat and is usually heavily inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The instrument is played with a plectrum and has a sharp metallic sound.

Many musicians such as Manolis Chiotis and Giorgos Zampetas began using specially designed pickups to achieve a slightly thicker humbucker-like sound in the mid-1960s. These pickups are widely used by several Greek artists today and came in active and (usually) passive versions.

There are two main types of bouzouki:

Three-course, having three pairs of strings (courses).
Four-course, having four pairs of strings.