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The trumpet is the musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family.

Trumpets are among the oldest musical instruments, dating back to at least 1500 BCE.

They are constructed of brass tubing bent twice into an oblong shape, and are played by blowing air through closed lips, producing a "buzzing" sound which starts a standing wave vibration in the air column inside the trumpet.

There are several types of trumpet; the most common is a transposing instrument pitched in B? with a tubing length of about 134 cm.

The predecessors to trumpets did not have valves, but modern trumpets generally have either three piston valves or three rotary valves.

Each valve increases the length of tubing when engaged, thereby lowering the pitch.

The trumpet is used in many forms of music, including classical music and jazz.

There are also other professional instruments available but by special order only.

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